Round Three: #SmutMarathon

Round Three: #SmutMarathon

Dezi #SmutMarathon:  Character Sketch

We were challenged in this round to create a character sketch of a flawed individual, and the parameters for the writing were left up to the author.  I tumbled many possible options around in my head before I began writing. My mind lined up a crew of sultry seductresses and domly gentlemen, and I pitched them in a mental volcano one by one.  I wrote several sketches and soon realized that I was writing for the jury and not myself. I have always been a teacher pleaser and have put aside my own creativity in favor of earning a good grade.  During the first two rounds of competition, I made note of what the jury enjoys and I felt like I could write a solid entry that would earn points.

BUT it wouldn’t have my voice.  I joined this contest to grow as a writer and to challenge myself to write everyday.  I try to write lovable characters.  I am a happy kitten who is put on this earth to write about the funny side of kink and smuttiness.  She represented me well.  

I created Dezmariah Jones as a klutzy stripper.   She was a bit demure so I gave her soft curls and pink lips.  Stripping as a profession can harden a woman, but I wanted Dezi to maintain some of her naivety.  She would be a southern belle who never cusses and had a mildly successful pageant run in her youth.  I gave her to have a splash of tenacity and perseverance. I threw her in a corset to add to her sex appeal.  Red anything would not be something that she chose to wear for herself; it would be more of a uniform. The Brass Ass is a dive strip club where there are a handful of new people but mostly regulars. I wanted people to cheer for her and for her to be a beloved member of the community.  I envisioned a betting board that tracked when she would flub her performance. She would know that her lack of grace was an inside joke, but she is willing to take the stage to earn a living.  Dezi is not the best at her job, but she has a loyal following that loves her despite her flaws.

I liked her.  I could see her clearly in my mind.  I was given mostly positive feedback this round and ended up in the middleish of the pack for round three of #SmutMarathon.  There were tons of great characters portrayed and I hope the authors write stories for each of them. I am working on Dezi’s larger story and I look forward to writing more for this super fun competition.

Bumbling Beauty

Dezi stubbed her toe on the door jamb as she hurried to her dressing room.

“Hecky darn!” she yelped and hopped to her vanity decorated with yellowing beauty pageant ribbons.  She pinned her bottled blonde hair on top of her head and stray curls framed her delicate features. She painted her lips pearly pink, blew herself a kiss in the mirror, and raced to the stage.  The tightly laced scarlet corset strained to contain her luscious tits and pin-up girl curves.


“Gentleman!  The Brass Ass is proud to present our very own Miss Dezmariah Jones!”  

The crowd cheered as Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” blasted through the speakers. Dezi stumbled forward in her stiletto heels as she blinked into the spotlight. Her smile dazzled her admirers, and she slowly ran her hands down her body. Eager patrons waved bills in the air.  Dezi spun to slap her ass and plowed straight into the pole. The regulars exploded with laughter, and money exchanged hands as side bets were settled. She rubbed her nose, squared her shoulders, and began to gyrate her hips. She was offbeat and tottering, but the audience begged for more as they emptied their pockets into her waiting g-string.

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