Club Dark Fortune

Club Dark Fortune


Hushed whispers between the other female executives told me to join this club.  They promised it would push me outside of my comfort zone and give me the adventure I craved.  I rolled my eyes at their dramatics but completed the application.  The passcode arrived a month later.

I hurried to the non-descript front door and punched in the numbers sent to me on a keypad.  The door clicked open, and I was alone in a small lobby. I looked around for a clerk of some kind.  I knew that my appointment was for this evening and I wasn’t late.  I walked over to a small table pushed against a wall.  A little blue sign in a bowl of fortune cookies was the only indication that people were welcome in the otherwise dark and foreboding room.

The sign read:  Choose one.  I plucked one off the top and cracked it open.  

Room One.

The slip of paper offered nothing else, but a neon arrow flashed on over the only door in the room. I pressed on it and found myself in a dark corridor with thirteen illuminated doors.  I absently nibbled the cookie and sweet crumbs spilled onto my cleavage as I walked. Each door was a little different. I was told that the rooms behind them would hold my deepest fantasies and promised wanton debauchery. The feeling of not knowing was intoxicating.  

My trembling hand alighted on the curved wooden handle of the room marked with a one.  I began to open the door when an unearthly shriek echoed through the hall.  I strained to hear more, but as quickly as it was broken, silence returned. The tightly laced corset kept my breathing shallow.  A wave of dizziness passed over me as my pulse quickened. I licked at the sweat forming on my upper lip and steadied my nerves before entering.

My eyes were adjusting to the dim rosy glow of the room when a hand took mine and pulled me forward.  Music thumped, obscuring the human noises that were rising and falling in the darkness.

I was led through a curtain of beads and seated next to a gorgeous woman.  She smelled of lavender which seemed appropriate for the purple corset that barely contained her lush bosom. We were both wearing the required attire, corset, skirt, thigh highs and heels. Our thighs were touching, and her kissable ruby lips spurred me to lick my own. Deep brown eyes sparkled with mischief; she was as ready as I was for our evening.  

“First night?” she whispered in breathy excitement.

I nodded.  

“I’m Erica.  This is my third time here.  You look beautiful.  My best suggestion is to be open for whatever will happen.  This place is magical. They always seem to know exactly what I need and I hope it will be the same for you. I was chosen as your partner for this evening.  I’m here for you.”

The rustling of beads announced the entrance of four broad-shouldered men wearing nothing except leather collars.  The woman and I giggled in nervous anticipation as the studs looked at us like dinner. A latex clad Dominatrix strode in behind them, and with a crack of her single tail whip, we were silenced.  She circled us slowly. Finally, she placed a single ruby tipped finger under my chin and tilted my head up.

“Welcome, Caroline and Erica.  I’m glad you chose to play with us tonight.    I hope that what I created for you in this room will fill some of those needs you wrote about in your applications.  Your pleasure is our highest priority, but if at any time you speak the word “red” or clench your hand in a fist, everyone in the room will stop to check on your well being. Do you understand?”

We nodded. 

“Serve them,” she commanded and left.

My mouth went dry, and the blood in my body rushed south.

The men descended upon us in a rush.  They forced our legs open and bound our adjacent thighs together with rope.  The other was tied to a hard point on the chaise. The men moved so each woman had a man kneeling in front and one standing behind her.  I felt cool metal slide up my leg and realized that the man between my thighs was cutting off the thin piece of silk that was covering my pussy.   I watched as my Erica’s panties were cast aside as well.

One of the handsome strangers tipped my head back and kissed me deeply.  My body responded with animal lust. The heady aroma of male musk mingled with the sweet smell of feminine arousal.  The ropes bit into my thigh when my partner strained against our bond. My alarm from the sudden tightness was soothed as dainty fingers laced through mine.  

The electric fire of our connection made me flood with desire. The man behind pulled my head against the plush chaise so he could push his thick cock between my lips.  Tears welled in my eyes as he drove deliciously deep down my open throat.

The kneeling man took advantage of my splayed legs and teased my throbbing clit with his hungry mouth. His fingers spread me open and then rubbed along the length of my exposed slit.  The wet heat of his tongue lapping in rhythm filled my thoughts. I bucked my hips, riding his chiseled face to the cusp of climax. Each moan of pleasure was silenced by the cock pounding my gaping mouth.  

I could hear Erica whimper beside me.  Her feminine sounds of pleasure harmonized with mine and together we became a chorus reaching toward a crescendo.  

The tongue tantalizing my pussy was replaced by cock.  Erica gasped as the same happened to her.  She clasped my hand tighter, and the six of us began to writhe as a single machine. The slick heat and building pressure destroyed my final hold on autonomy.

The aching void inside of me overflowed with rapture as I was completely consumed. My powerful orgasm was contagious.  Her fingers squeezed mine desperately as we lost ourselves in ecstasy. The men continually guided us to apex until our throaty moans turned to plaintive mewlings of exhaustion.  I gulped greedily as I felt the cock twitch and spill down my throat as the other released into my pussy. I felt full and complete.

They released our bonds when we quieted.  My mouth immediately sought Erica’s swollen lips, and we came back to earth in each other’s arms.  We lay together cuddled in a nest of pillows.

“Do you want the men to stay?  Or they can leave if you like.”

“I’m finished with them.  Are you?”

“You may leave,” Erica commanded, “We would like to rest.  Please bring us a pitcher of water, some food, and draw us a bath in a little while.”    The men nodded and left. She pulled me close and traced the lacy red marks the ropes left on my skin.  

“How did you like Room One?”  

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