I need to put all of the kittens back in the box before the python comes back. I grab the ginger one and it squalls and fights me as I try to save it from certain disaster. The box is flimsy and hard to hold but I manage to snag the last baby cat and clutch it to my chest. I feel the snake looking at me. I hear it’s breathing and feel a shiver of dread crawl down my back. I turn and face the wide gaping maw of death and just as I succumb to darkness I hear a distant persistent bleat. It resonates over and over. It fills my head until the dreamworld vanishes.

Damn. It’s morning. I slide my gaze around the still dark room and see fuzzy shadows. I smack blindly at my phone until silence once again fills the room. Cold clings to my bare shoulders so I huddle down into my blankets. I stretch a toe outside of my comfortable nest to test the air again. Freezing. I steel myself for the inevitable. I must get to the shower. I breathe in and envision the deliciously warm water spilling over my body and do a silent count down to spring forth from my bed.

One. Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi

Two. I take a deep breath.

Three! I throw off the covers and instead of dashing to the bathroom my phone brings to chirp merrily. I fumble for it on my nightstand and hold it really close to my face so I can see the text. Squinting, I read:

You up?

I sigh and throw the phone as far as I can away from my bed. I bought an Otterbox for a reason.

Men. I lose my mojo to race to the shower and begin to think about my weekend forays with the opposite sex. Most men are exciting for fifteen minutes on average and then their dumbness or aloofness creeps back in leaving you bewildered by the initial attraction. Bunch of damn pythons.

I had several dates over the weekend, and they were nice. Not mind blowing. One wasn’t even really memorable, but in the moment, it felt nice. Mr. “You up?” was probably the best of all my dates. He at least knew his way around a clit and kissed with excellence. I hoped we will go out on another date soon. I did like him, mostly. He had a habit of tapping his fingers on the table which was distracting and he was obsessed with talking about his job. At one point, I wasn’t sure if he was interviewing me for a position or flirting with me.

He did have lovely hands and a gorgeous smile. I scowled. My damn pussy was betraying me. I felt the familiar gnaw of want begin to grow in my belly. I threw off the blankets to see if the cold would shock me back to reality but all it did was kiss my body into alertness and leave me with stiff nipples. I stroke the soft patch of hair between my thighs and finally give in.

I roll onto my belly and snag my trusty Doxy Die Cast 3 from the floor. It looks clean enough. This thing is the sex toy of champions. I place it in the sweet spot and let the engine purr. Ahhh. If only men could be this efficient. My mind wanders around memories of past cocks and lovers. Warm bliss begins to ebb and flow through my body as I rock in time to the alluring buzzing. My phone beeps just as I finally tip over into the delightful spasm of orgasm. A stupid smile on my face spreads across my face as I flip to my back.

I greedily slide fingers over my pussy and revel in the slick heat. My throbbing clit begs me for another round. I know this could go on all day and I must get to work even though my “office” is just in the next room. Invigorated but resigned I head for the shower. My glasses crunch under my foot. I set them on my face, pick up my phone and tap a reply.

Come over for lunch?

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