Monster Mash

Monster Mash

This is a terrible piece of erotica if it can even be called that. Please enjoy. It’s so so stupid.

By Kitt Wolf

I hate movies. They pervert the truth to entertain the mindless masses. Take me for example. I am just your average sea monster. Nuclear reactions caused me to wake up from a long nap and I admit that I was a little cranky. Sure, I’m big for my age, but there was absolutely no reason for those people on that little island to exaggerate my explorations. I may have knocked over a few buildings and stepped on a few cars while I was trying to view the beautiful cherry blossom trees, but I didn’t mean any harm. I know that my voice is very harsh when I sing, but I like to hum little tunes to myself as I stroll around. The movie creators make me out to be a monster. But I’m just a regular radioactive lizard looking for a good life and a little love.

Mmmmm love. I am so in love with Mothra. She lights up my world like nobody else and I would do anything to get in her pants, if she wore pants. She is one hot kaiju. Yum yum yum. She’s a big tease though. Flitting around the bright city lights, illuminating her body so I can see all her curves. I want to pin her wings to the wall and pound her like a tough piece of meat. Just thinking about it makes my cock twitch in anticipation. One of these days I’ll drop a load in her that will cover half of Japan. She’d squeal loud enough to burst eardrums in Tokyo. But first I’ve got to catch her. She’s a coy one, but I know she likes me. She keeps inviting me on dates, but all we do is tear up some cities and awkwardly kiss. I think she’s waiting for something special for us to finally knock boots because I’m sure it will be explosive.

I decide to invite her on a hot date. I set the stage for romance and lovin’. I shake up a few volcanoes and lay a bed of sweet sweet magma down. There’s nothing like doing the nasty while churning lava flows over writhing bodies. It really heats up the blood. I pull up several acres of trees to create a spectacular bouquet because the ladies love that and dab a little pheromones on my neck. I send her a nuanced text asking her out for a night of wanton debauchery and I wait. I hum a little tune and flick my tail side to side. I hear the soothing sounds of faint screaming and begin to tap my toe. She doesn’t answer. I will have to step up my game. A quick Google search lets me know that she was getting her wings done somewhere near Canada. Of course she wouldn’t answer me when she’s at the spa. I pinpoint her location by tracking weather patterns. Windstorms tend to follow that beauty. Also, her two humanoids tend to divulge too much info on Twitter. They snapped some selfies with my Mothy in the background. Her squad. Human fan girls really aren’t my type but my lady really loves having them around.

I have an epiphany. Maybe if I satisfy her girlies then maybe she’d give me some of her sweet time. I track down some sexy dancers from down under who will do just anything for a quick buck. They are beefy and flexible. I’m sure they will entice her entourage and maybe give me just enough time to work my magic on my girl. I pick up the dudes and put them in my little people carrying backpack that has the little bubble window so they can look outside. I throw in some mattresses and sumptuous fabrics and my backpack is transformed into the perfect love nest. I tweet at Mothra’s girls and they seem down for the deed. They are huge fans of the heart eye emoji and eggplants.

I pack my bouquet and sling on my backpack and begin the journey to Canada. I try to be careful not to knock too many things down, but I’m nervous and I stumble somewhere around Alaska. It looks like they needed a new shipping route through there anyway. I’ll send them a card.

I can smell her once I hit the Canadian border. Damn. My cock twitches and I see twinkling lights near my feet. Ugh. Paparazzi. I hope they got a good look at my swollen member. Wait until they see me fully erect. Now that would be worth a million pictures.

I see her perched atop Mount Logan. The sunlight shimmers off her wings and she’s batting her antennae at me. I put my backpack down and cue up the music so that my Australian hotties start their gyrating and flexing. Mothy’s human pals giggle and run into the backpack. I zip it up and fix my eyes on the most beautiful creature in the world. I put my bouquet down and she flits over to uncurl her proboscis and probe around the leafy goodness. I knew she would like it. Her eyes fix on mine and she blinks slowly. Seductively. I’m fully erect now. There’s something about her jerky fluttering that just makes me hotter than Old Faithful. I’ve fucked that. It was good, but this will be better.

The cold from the mountains is a harsh contrast to the heat that I imagined for our first time, but I’m digging the goose bumps that I am getting. Mothra reaches out a tentative leg and begins to stroke me. It’s like being wrapped in velvet and electricity sparks from the plates on my back. She follows her touch with the wet curl of her mouth parts. I almost lose my load then, but she looks at me sharply when she feels me twitch. It’s not my turn yet. I relax and use my little arms to stroke her wings and she allows me to move down her abdomen. I dip a finger into her powdery slit and she tightens her mouth around my dripping cock. I tilt her head up to lick her proboscis clean from my juices. She leans back and opens herself up to me. I drive into her and the years of flirting fade into this spectacular moment of union. I push deep into her and feel her wrap her six legs around me. We roll from the mountain top and take out a few outposts and a grizzly bear. We crush southern Maine and she lets out a shrill screech that drives me over the edge. Her orgasm pulses around me and I let loose a torrent of kaiju cream. Her body swells as I drain my balls into her. We lay panting in the afterglow for a few minutes before she flutters away with a wink over her shoulder. I love that woman. I would move mountains for her.

I go back to pick up my backpack of snoring gigolos and return them safely to their homeland. I kick back on an oil derrick and flip through my social medial. Insta says that my lovely is hooking up with Rodan in Peru later tonight. Moths aren’t monogamous after all. I check my Twitter and I’m flooded with a zillion messages. It seems that a site called Bad Dragon is marketing a likeness of my cock and the ladies love it. Oh yeah. The ladies love it.

This train wreck of a story is dedicated to Mistress Melissa because a proboscis and tentacles might feel the same.

This was written in response to another prrfect prompt crafted by Charlton Tod at Forbidden Writings.

6 thoughts on “Monster Mash

    1. Mistress Melissa and I entered a contest for the worst erotica and her story was about tentacles and camping-Tent-acles. Naughty ones! I think Charlton has a great tentacle story in his book as well if I remember correctly. There’s nothing better than being caressed by strong suction cups.

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