I should write

I should write

Stupid blank pages.

I have zillions of unfinished stories rolling in my head but not are good enough to put on paper. I just tell them to myself at stoplights or while cooking dinner.

Dirty little tales of sex, submission and sometimes submarines.

Can you imagine submarine sex?

I think you would bonk your head often and it might echo weird.

I should write, something. But I won’t.

Work, Worry, and Weariness have made me paper thin. A crabby shell of my former merry kitten self.

I take many baths.

I wish I was a fish.

8 thoughts on “I should write

  1. I’ve been having trouble writing too, and I get so excited when I see you post something new ❤️ I know the merry kitten will be back, and in the meantime I’m proud of the crabby kitten for still managing to write!! Lie back and let me wash your hair 💆‍♀️

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