It takes me way too long to remember how to log into WordPress and write. The journey is a little bit amusing. I have reset my password four times today. I really should write it down or maybe cut out my numerical flourishes, but then I guess it wouldn’t feel like a game. The meager victory is actually getting to this screen and then I forget what I was going to write about anyway. Something about sex or lurve or maybe about my cats. I’ve forgotten. I could go look it up in my journal, but that is another fun game. WHERE IS THE BOOK?! The prize is finding it.

I’ve been visiting a ton of art installations lately and it makes me wonder what kind of room would I build. Would it be kinky or fluffy? There is a guaranteed slide. Summer is soon. More time to write. More time to make. I’ll be back on the daily soon. It’s just not the time now. Now, I’m lucky if I can log in. It will have to be enough.

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