Kitt Wolf


Welcome to my website!  This is a place for me to plunk my stories and hope that someone else enjoys reading them.  I like to write smutty little tales that are a bit silly.



I entered the 2018 #SmutMarathon and placed fourth.  I didn’t win any fabulous prizes, but the journey was an amazing reward.  I strongly encourage other writers to check out Marie Rebelle’s work.   The marathon was quite an adventure and the entries are HOT.  It’s a really fun contest if you are a smut writer and want to become more disciplined in your writing.  I enjoying having the task of writing each month, but it is stressful. 

I also wrote articles about BDSM for  My friends, Mistress Melissa and Nicholas Tanek, have created a wonderful website full of information and video interviews in the hope to create a safe place for kinksters to share their voices.  Mr. Tanek now uses the page to mainly showcase different kinky people in the world and conduct video chats.  This is much better than us trying to scramble for content and edit and take pictures.  My articles are in the archives, but the future for this site is all interviews.

Check out Tanek’s latest interview!